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Year 4-Palm class

Class Teacher: Mrs Helen Mullen  
Class TA : Ms Justina Marku

Mrs Mullen is an experienced teacher who also leads Music and RE. She is accompanied by Ms Justina Marku.                                                                            


          Mrs Helen Mullen                       Ms Justina Marku     



  Year 4 Class Timetable

                     Learning about electricity

    In Science, Year 4 have been learning about electricity. They made circuits and then tested which materials were insulators and conductors by finding out which objects allowed the electrical current to pass through them.



‘Vincent’s treasures’ workshop

Children in year 4 were part of a ‘Vincent’s treasures’ workshop. They got to find out about Vincent Van Gogh’s life including performing some of his favourite poetry, writing with an ink pen and creating some work inspired by him.







                                                 Art Work at the river                                            



Reverend Steve came to speak to Year 4 about his vocation to be a Vicar. We found out the Reverend Steve used to be a teacher and lived in Uganda and Tanzania. He helped us understand that God has a plan for all of us and God communicates with us in different ways





Termly Bulletins

Year 4 Class Bulletin Autumn Term 1

Year 4 Class Bulletin Autumn Term 2

Year 4 Class Bulletin Term 4

Year 4 Class Bulletin Term 5

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