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Our enriching school curriculum provides a broad range of inspirational learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

We are fully committed to ensuring that children make good progress in all areas of the curriculum and we assess this progress at the end of each term.

Reading and Phonics

We place a high emphasis on reading standards across the school and also aim to inspire within our children a love for reading.  Our English teaching and learning is driven by a focus on high quality texts and children's books are changed on a weekly basis.  We are very excited by the new relationship that we have made with Durning Library, which see children from St Mark's borrow books each term.  Our new school library has also inspired a further love for reading across the school, with children receiving weekly opportunities to choose and borrow new reading books.





Differentiated phonics teaching takes place on a daily basis within the EYFS and and Key Stage 1 using Letters and Sounds. 

Key Stage 1 Reading Scheme

 Our reading scheme in Key Stage 1 is 'Big Cat' reading scheme by Collins.

Curriculum Overview for Key Stage 1 and 2

At St Mark’s we continue to maintain and broad, diverse and balanced curriculum with our values and mission at the heart of everything we do. We want children to have the balance of skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in the future.

Our learning is linked by an overarching topic each term and we know from pupil feedback that they get the most out of learning when ‘it is all joined together.’ Wherever possible, we use trips and experiences to enrich the work we are doing in the classroom.

History – The Making of Modern Britain

At St Mark’s, children start by learning about their personal and family history before developing a secure chronological understanding of British history. From the Romans to World War II, children learn to evaluate different historical sources and find answers to historical questions. We also spend a term exploring ancient civilisations from around the world including Ancient China, the Maya and the Ancient Greeks. We hope to take children on a journey through time so they understand the making of modern British society.

Geography – Our Place in the Wonderful World.

In the Early Years, children start to explore the school and our local environment. As children move up the school, their focus widens to the study of London, England and the UK. This gives a strong foundation for comparing the UK to other countries and areas of the world. In Upper KS2, children start to explore and understand the impact that humans have on the environment. By the end of their time at St Mark’s, children understand their place in the world and how they can change it for the better.




Art – Expressions of Beauty and Emotion

Throughout their time at St Mark’s, children explore and compare the work of famous artists. They develop their drawing and painting skills using a range of media. We recognise that we are lucky to have a host of arts organisations on our doorstep in London and we use trips and workshops as a way to enrich our arts offer.







D.T – Great Designs and Designers

Our D.T projects always start with a clear design brief that the children are working towards. From sewing puppets in Year 1 to building emergency shelters in Year 5, children have a clear purpose for each project. We ensure that children evaluate their work against success criteria to see how their design could be improved next time.




Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

Curriculum Coverage

The St Mark's Core  Curriculum

We have taken the Government's statutory requirements for schools and incorporated them into our own school curriculum.  The documents below outline what children in different year groups within school will be taught at St Mark's.  In addition to this, the documents contain our philosophy regarding the outcomes that we want to achieve for our pupils in English, Maths, Science and the other curriculum areas.

St Mark's English Curriculum

St Mark's Maths Curriculum

St Mark's Science Curriculum



Music Provision at St Mark's

Children at the school are fortunate to receive high quality Music tuition provided by Musictrax.  This enables children in Years 5 and 6 to learn the cello and violin; children in Years 3 and 4 to learn the djembe drum, recorder and xylophone and children across the EYFS and KS 1 to receive singing and music tuition. All children have the opportunity to participate in music concerts and events across the year.


RE Curriculum 

Our school follows the RE curriculum from the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education.  It is deeply Christian and provides the children with opportunities to explore the theology and doctrines of the Christian faith and the Church of England traditions. Children are also provided with opportunities to explore and learn about non-Christian world faiths. An overview can be found below.

Curriculum overview for RE



 PE Provision at St Mark's

Although we are a small school, we hold our own when competing against other Lambeth schools.  We regularly participate in cricket, football, tennis, athletics, netball, dodgeball and rugby tournaments and perform well.  This is partly due to the high quality PE provision that the children receive within school through our sports coach, the large array of after school clubs and our commitment to school PE.  Children in Key Stage 1 swim each Year and older year groups receive cricket coaching from Surrey Cricket at the Kia Oval.

PE Programme Overview 2020-2021








Extra Curricular and Enrichment Activities

We pride ourselves on the rich, fun and diverse curriculum that we provide at St Mark's and a taste of this can be found in the events and activities that we host across the year.  See below:

School Diary Dates 2021-2022