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  • Friday 9 February 2024 Ancient Greece Day in Palm Class Children in Year 4 had an amazing Greek Day! They wore ancient Greek costumes and had a wonderful Greek feast.
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Ancient China Day in Olive Class Year 3 had 'Ancient China Day' today. We looked at the origins of Chinese New Year in the morning and then after play we all took part in cooking a Chinese stir fry. The children loved preparing the vegetables and noodles and enjoyed eating them even more! ?? In the afternoon we made Chinese lanterns and willow pattern designs on paper plates for art.
  • Wednesday 7 February 2024 Safer Internet Day This year Safter Internet Day was on Tuesday 6th Februray.
  • Tuesday 6 February 2024 Garden Museum - Willow class On Tuesday, Year 6 visited the Garden Museum to study climate change. This was part of last term's topic but had been delayed. We were able to study the structure of plant leaves under microscopes, conduct an experiment to see how greenhouse gases cause the temperature of our planet to increase, and learn new vocabulary such as 'anthropocene'. Thank you to the adults who supported us on our trip.
  • Tuesday 6 February 2024 Visit from Florence Eshalomi Florence Eshalomi is the Labour (Co-op) MP for Vauxhall, and has been an MP continuously since 12 December 2019. She currently undertakes the role of Shadow Minister (Levelling Up, Housing, Communities and Local Government).
  • Friday 2 February 2024 School Streets at St Mark's from 19th February 2024 You should have received an email with a letter informing you that Lambeth Council is introducing a School Street around St Mark’s Primary School during drop off and pick times on 19th February 2024. The streets outside St Mark’s Primary School will be closed between 8.15-9.15am and 2.45-3.45pm, Monday to Friday during term time. Click here to see letter
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Super Hero Day in Oak class Today Children in Year 2 had a Super Hero Day . They made super hero slime, had super hero snacks, learnt super hero Maths and watched a super hero movie!
  • Thursday 1 February 2024 Sycamore Class Drama Workshop On Thursday 1st February Children in Year 5 had a drama workshop where they learnt through various activities how democracy can helps us work towards greater equality and a more equitable society.
  • Thursday 25 January 2024 Ebony class in the Science Museum Children in Reception class visited the Science Museum on Thursday as part of their term topic on Space. Thank you to the parents that were able to join the trip.
  • Wednesday 24 January 2024 Stay & Play Session in Early Years We held our first Stay and Play Session in Early Years. The session is to allow Parents to taste the type of learning that children have in their classes. Thank you to all who were able to come. Next session will be on Wednesday 13th March 2024.
  • Monday 22 January 2024 Willow Class visit to Houses of Parliament On Monday 22nd January, Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament. We had a fascinating tour of the different rooms, including the House of Lords and House of Commons. We walked up the staircase which King Charles uses when he visits Parliament and saw the throne he sits on. We stood on the spot where a Prime Minister was assassinated and visited the place where Queen Elizabeth II's coffin lay in state. We also learned about how democracy works in this country, and our opportunity and responsibility to get involved in making our country a better place for all. Finally, we learned about the suffragettes and how they staged a protest in the House of Commons. A big thank you to our parent helpers. Everyone had an excellent time!
  • Tuesday 16 January 2024 Sycamore class School trip to Houses of Parliament Year 5 had the amazing opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 16th January. They all had a great time . Thank you to the parents that could help on the day.
  • Wednesday 22 November 2023 Juniper Class River Boat Trip Year 1 have been learning about London Landmarks in Geography . To support their learning Year 1 took a boat cruise along the River Thames to sightsee some of the landmarks they have been learning about.
  • Monday 20 November 2023 Olive class Visit to Community Gardens Year 3 went to Harleyford Road community Gardens to do some research on the area and local wildlife for our English task this week which is writing a leaflet to persuade people to take care of the local area.
  • Wednesday 15 November 2023 Early Years Stay & Play Session On Wednesday 15th November, we had a session in Nursery and Reception for Parents to see in person their children's learning in action.
  • Wednesday 15 November 2023 Durning Library Visits During this term, children from all year groups will be visiting our local library to borrow books for them to read at home. A number of parent volunteers supported us on the walk down to the library and we are grateful. If your child’s class are yet to visit, speak to the class teacher to get involved.
  • Wednesday 15 November 2023 ONLINE SAFETY WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS & YEAR 6 STUDENTS Local police officers gave Year 6 an informative talk about keeping safe online. Topics discussed included keeping personal details private and the responsibility of parents in this matter. Did you know that parents are legally required to know their children's passwords?!
  • Friday 20 October 2023 Cultural Day at St Mark's On Friday 20th October children across the school dressed in their national colours or cultural dress. Our after school event was fantastic and made possible by the generous donations of food from parents across the school as well as those who co-ordinated the event, helped to set up, serve food and tidy afterwards. A very big thank you to our PSA, staff and to all who contributed.
  • Monday 16 October 2023 IntoUniversity - Year 6 This week, Willow Class attended a course at IntoUniversity.Based at Keyworth Primary School, our focus was on freedom and the abolition of slavery.
  • Wednesday 11 October 2023 Parents' Evening Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend our first Parents’ evening on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October. If you did not have the chance to be present, please arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher. In most of our classes the attendance of parents was nearly 100%! Thank you also for your feedback. We are eager to make improvements across the school and will look into ways for how we can implement your suggestions.
  • Friday 6 October 2023 Harvest Festival week at St Mark's Thank you to all that were able to contribute for the harvest week at St Mark’s. The School Council went to Tesco to give all the items kindly donated by the families at St Mark’s. The collection has gone to Vauxhall Foodbank.
  • Wednesday 27 September 2023 Year 5 - School Visit to Unicorn Theatre On the 27th September, Sycamore class went to Unicorn Theatre to watch The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
  • Friday 22 September 2023 School Street at St Mark's
  • Monday 3 July 2023 Sports Day at St Mark's We finally beat the weather and were able to hold our so long anticipated Sports Day. Children participated well and with much enthusiasm. We spent the morning in Kennington Park with the company of Parents and continued in the afternoon in the school playground. Fill the bucket, Tug of war, Speed bounce, shoot hoop, snow cone and LASSO were the fun races organised for the children. See below some pictures.
  • Saturday 1 July 2023 Summer Fair 2023 Thank you to all who were able to come and participate in St Mark's Summer Fair.
  • Friday 26 May 2023 Anglo-Saxon Day - Olive Class 'Year 3 have been celebrating Anglosaxon day. We have written secret messages in Ancient Runes, made our own shields and even cooked Anglo-Saxon Pottage!'
  • Friday 26 May 2023 Victorian Day in Sycamore Class Children in Year 5 have had a little taste of what a Victorian day could be. They had old fashion learning using a dictionary book and learnt facts about Victorian age. They have done wall paper printing, baked Victoria sponge cake and enjoyed a Victorian Tea party!
  • Friday 5 May 2023 Coronation's Celebration at St Mark's Friday 5th May was a day full of activities and celebration. We celebrated St Mark's day and the King's coronation. Children enjoyed a Tea Party outdoors enjoying the sunny moments with music and fun games and at the end of the school day children and staff performed the flashmob Candy by Cameo. See pictures below.
  • Friday 5 May 2023 Talent Show Last Friday 5th May it was St Mark's day. Children showed their amazing talents to all their friends and peers during assembly. See below some pictures and the winners!
  • Monday 24 April 2023 Year 1 School Trip to the Garden Museum Juniper Class went to the Garden Museum to support their learning of plants.
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