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Artist visit from Van Gogh House

Two weeks ago, Year 6 visited the van Gogh House, a short distance from St Mark's. We explored the house, learning about the time which Vincent van Gogh spent there and also about a young boy who hid his toys under the floorboards. We also explored the local pedestrianised street, taking rubbings of different textures from man-made and natural objects. This week, an artist from van Gogh House visited us for two mornings to collaboratively create artwork. We made more rubbings in our school playground, then chose one texture to make a plaster cast of in different pastel shades. We also made chalk patterns. On the second morning, we created cyanotype photographs using different
objects, as well as crayon and watercolour postcards. All of our artwork will be displayed for the public to see on the weekend of 29th-30th June.